Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Stones Throw Spring 2008

A new delivery from Stones Throw in Los Angeles. T-shirts and Music. In store now and online soon... From LA to Stockholm - Stones Throw partys this weekend!!!!

The Hella International tee designed by Parra was sold on the USA tour.

MadLib - Beat Konducta Vol 1-4 on CD or Vinyl

Percee P - Perseverande and the Remix on CD and Vinyl

J Dilla - Donuts on CD and Vinyl
Oh No - DR No Oxeriment on CD or Vinyl

Now Again 45 Box set of 6...Heavy Funk/Soul

Peanut Butter - Wolf B-Ball Zombie War and Ladys First on CD

Stons Throw 102 DVD in Los Angeles
The "In Living The True Gods" DVD have a realese party Friday in La, but Cali have it today...

Yes in Stockholm

Stones Throw on Tour 2008 on Club Yes in Stockholm also this friday. Its Guilty Simpson Live! + Percee P Live! If you like to be on the list send a mail to cali.store.brunnsgatan@gmail.com name it "for the love of music"..you might get lucky...