Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Cali Black Denim Release.

Its about time we show you some news in Cali Denims! So, here we go;

*Triple Black
*Soft black bull denim, non-selvage. Black stich.
*Black Leather Patch
* Black Piano laquered rivets and buttons.
*Size 28-38.
* 144 Pcs made
* EU Made.
* 79.90E/799Sek.

Releases Thursday 15.00 CET.

It still has all the classic “Cali Dnm” Features; looser upper and sneaker fit ending to foot.
The “Cali Sneaker Protector” is still there, but this time its more like a “Denim Protector” to widthstand the wear and tear to your denims through the seasons weather and more rugged footwear use.
All black ofcourse.

The fit is updated to a more regular cut.