Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Cali turns 5!

Cali turns 5!
Yup, 5 years ago, a snowy day before X-mas eve, we opened the ”Cali OG” store in Stockholm and 6 months later the web shop came to life.

So from today and followed by next year you can count us in on some specials, collaborations and release parties!
We are starting off tonight with an all-nighter at our “official” club spot in Stockholm, Berns 2.35:1, the night club that looks like a giant ipod.

This Friday we release the first collaboration, and it´s done together with the German sneaker Giant adidas Originals special sneaker customization program, Mi Originals!

We did 5 styles, cause we´ve been 5 years in business. Each store concept have its own shoe in various Cali Colours.

- Cali OG Store: A Superstar in LA Dodgers colour combo – a crisp white with blue suede contrasts.
- Cali Skate Store: A Superstar in LA Lakers colour combo – a purple mix featuring different leather and a suede ollie pad.
- Cali SFD Sneaker Store: The classic adidas runner silhouette ZX 700 with orange leather for that unique SFD colour.

Also we did 2 additional pairs which represent the founders of Cali Roots, Per and Andreas.

Per made a Stan Smith in a Cali OG colour way. The Brown Cali logo with natural contrasts have been the graphic profile since day one. Nice and casual in brown tanned nubuck. Smooth as Mr. “Easy-P” himself.

Andreas took on the Raiders look on the classic Superstar. Clean and hard looking as the big boss he are.

Only 2 pairs are made of each style. One pair is given to each store manager and founder.
The 2nd pair will be up to grab for FREE!

You can win these beauties only by emailing a picture of your finest “Cali Roots moment” from the last 5 years, together with your shoe size. The “moment” can be a nice purchase or a nice situation you´ve been having with us. All pics will be posted on the Cali Roots Facebook page.

Winner is announced January 25th.

The amazing competition will go live December 19th, this Friday
This is our way of saying thank you for playing with us, for the last 5 Years.
Lets make it another 5!

See pics of these adidas Originals beauties!
Best regards
The Caliroots Team.