Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Easy-Per´s New Years "Fräs" Swag

Our head honcho, Easy-Per is leaving on a midnight plane to an off shore country for some well deserved sun (and oil biz?), on NewYears Eve.
But before telling us the dos and donts for running the store while he´s gone, he throw an outfit to teach us how to ball Cali-Style New Years:

Click on Pics for FULL view!

"Two Guns Up", as we call it in Stockholm(drinks in both hands that is..) works nicely with:
Premium leathered goose down jacket by "Double Goose"(see also the new "Cascade Crooks Jkt"
Crooks new, Raw Indigo "Script" Denims.
Crooks Flag Zip Hood.
Crooks "Cashmere" wooled lux NewEra with leather brim.

Crooks "Lux" belt and scarf.
And finally to keep your feet warm in the middle of the champagne popping and fireworks madness night: All Black Redwing Boots in Black.

Thats it for 2008.
Lets make 2009 even better..