Sunday, September 27, 2009

Weekly Round up!

Heres the top choices of this weeks updates!

DENIM Shirts:

Japanese Denim masters at Edwin, knows how to do a clean classic. 99E/999Sek

Levis RedTab, knows how to vintage out the shiat of a classic. 109E/1099Sek

but Levis also knows how to make a clean, soft wash dark one aswell.79E/799Sek


Heres a thick and warm insulated , classic red n black. 99E/999Sek

Swedish new Denim Brand, Indigofera, nailed it with this color strong work shirt!119E/1199Sek

An our Finlandian lads at CTRL, gets it twisted with this red check at only 49E/499Sek!


Still Hand Made in USA, the classic RedWing Boots is as rugged as it gets!

Clarks is also keeping it classic with their leather uppers and all gumsoles
And CLAE is making another Fall Season with their premium felt mix of street and casual.

Even NikeSB is hitting the Fall theme with this "Asparagus" Dunk!

And of course you need some new Raw Denims to your Fall Set-Up:

This Levis Red Tab 501 in a limited "1901" cut, is a real bargain at 99E/999Sek!

Edwin Japan´s Grey Raw Denim
for 75E/799Sek is still selling faster then you can say "Sashimi"
To show you how far you can take it, this Levis LVC iconic 501 from 1947 in a new washed down and worn Red Selvage, is as good as it gets. 189E/1899Sek.

And look how great it looks with a classic American work boot to it...

Happy Fall Shopping!

PS. The Freebee Offer is still ON! You get a pair of these Wesc X Delta Headphones(value 89e/899Sek) when you buy new fall stuff(not sale stuff)
for more then 100E/100Sek!!!