Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Klubb-O Pure P release

Berns, 2.35:1, Klubb-O this week with Dj Taro/Viet-Naam/Myggan and the release party on Pure P album "On my New York shit". Pure P between 22.00 - 00.00!

Pure P "On my New York shit"
Ooh baby I like it raw! Yeah baby I like it raaaaaw, huh! Oh, yeah. That's how Stocktown reppin' DJ and fab fantastic hip-hop producer Pure P starts off on his latest creation on CD for the GAMM Enterprises Inc. It's rough, tough and you don?t wanna sleep on it! So here it is!

Ok, what do you get when you collect a bunch of fat, right on time, right on line, New York hip-hop acapellas and put them down on some funky rhythms and bass lines with an attitude? You get a raw, uncut tribute album called "On my New York shit"! This is where Pure P, the relatively young musical prodigy, truly delivers.

Berns 2.35:1
22.00 - 03.00