Thursday, August 31, 2006

And the Frution Dolls.. Thanks for getting that Chanel and Raider stuff out from the back!!
(hope wifey gets happy..)

Yes thats the Frution Guys ( Neek Supreme catched in a "kodak moment")

But to balance the temp out: look at the ice on this Forum/LRG snowboard!!

Hey look at the digits.. 1o1 degrees! thats like above boiling temp for us cold europeans!!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

And THEN its time for a drink! Yes still on the same buss.. Now its time for another night at high places and shady bars..

And finally; the last pitch isnt made untill you´re home.. so I gues selling in the buss counts too: Penny Candy in Full!

HanCholo givin that LA-Escobar look with their new Eyewear and Headwear line.

Jules Bijules Hustlin old skool! Amaaazing´ll see....
And todays work:
NoMas and NoHeroes crew working the bar.

Last night re-cap; New Era Party at the Hard Rock Hotel

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Now its off to the nightshift: NewEra is having a party at HardRock Hotell etc etc. Well take som shots and blogg again in the morning...and remember: "What happens in Vegas, stays on the Internet"!
Yes, this IS lower then Glocalnet...

and we got to what in todays streetwear-blogging-world seems to be the center of the world:
Yup, they were all there; Crooks, TheHundreds,Mighty Healthy, KingStampede, NoMas, and many many more... well we aint gonna act crazy and post pics of all the goodies.. this aint your normal slymperbiety blogg... but lets just say it was all worth the trip!
Soo.. anyway...we rolled through the shows..

Yup, Bikes and bikes.. the first one is a oldSkool Triumph that Modern Amusement made up in patterns and materials to match their Spring 2007 collection...stylish... and then they told us that its being raffled out to their accounts... wooah! But then they said it was only for US customers...dude I got low... The second Bike pic is from one of the "dopest" youngster Ive seen.. at first he was like 7 years old, and inside the show he was the freak-kid free-flowing i..n a booth.. but hey.. at least i got a crhomed out lowrider with spinners..

So after a day at the Magic this is what we got so far:

Monday, August 28, 2006

Finally arrived after a looong flight to Vegas.

Venetian is the shiznit, great mixup of white trash and dressup party animals.
Had a great dinner at the De Luxe Restaurant. Got sereved by a SD girl that ran so fast between the tables she must have been on some speed shit. Great cross asian food and a wine "they had to get from upstairs", worth the wait though. "La Crema", Sonoma district. Pinot. Made me drop out half way through maincourse...jetlagged and thrashed.
Met Dee and the Crooks team, thoose guys are on to something really great..

So now we gonna do Magic show and some off shows, as many new brands are showing on invitation only at suits.

More pics tonight.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006