Saturday, February 24, 2007

Vintage @ Cali
our fashionista selector went to scan the vintage market in France for these themes for us: "Think Sport Vintage a la 80s Agassi/Lendl/Jordan meets Chanel luxury silk and jackets and add some american sport retro" This is the result:

Live in store now, very select pieces, online in a minute..

So sexy ladies and fresh boys come on down to Brunnsgatan pronto!

This is some pics from The Hurdreds. The Hundreds on Jamie Foxx...

Lil’ Wayne in Crooks...

Ne-Yo in The Hundreds Public Label denim...

Fergie in Married to the Mob....
Quote Magazine # 1 2007
Before A-track tonigt at Debaser you can have a free ex of the new Quote magazine, Timbuk´s new single and a sweet Six Foot down bag. Between 20.00-22.00.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Fienden spring
This is Swedish brand Fienden. Allways perfect for the sunday dinner. Next week online. In store just now...

Kingsize Realese Party
The new issue of the biggest Hip Hop magazine in Skandinavia had realese party. All the frends of Petter got a Petter RBK shoe and free beer, so all happy faces on the pics.