Friday, November 30, 2007

Sundays in December

This is the deal - all days all stores we will be here. 

Adam Tensa CD in store

Get a sign cd from Adam Tensta in store or online now.

Landet and Lava

Camino del Sol at Landet last time this year. With Lorentz and zakarias, Frej from Slagsmålsklubben and allways Team Skidoo. And this weekend Swedish Break dance championship at Lava in Stockholm. Check flyer for mor info...

Mills @ MTV Beat

Anthony Mills is Performing GHETTOTRANCE on Mtv Beat with Water this Friday. Show starts at 18hr.

Cord Ctrl+Carin Gjörser release party

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Weekend update

Whats up Cali, these are some of this weekends events,

What to do, what to do?

today friday the 30th of November Kenzo aka: Gonzo will be droppin tunes in store at Cali between 14:00-18:00

Dec 1:st Saturday, Ricardo aka don DaDa will be on the decks between 12:00- 16:00
one of the guys above will be instore tomorrow

TEAM SKIDOO+ Super cool secret awsome guests at Landet 1/12

The fellas behind Mishka is in sweden for the first time, and Tarek and monkeybizz teamed up with Mishka for a partey dont miss!


Reason Fall 2007,

Colorful hoodies, and graphic tee prints

*cordctrl @ cali tonight!

Caliroots presents:

Tonight @ 19 -> 21 we release the new inventions from *cordctrl! Beer, wine and music. DJ: Måns Jacobsson. Come on over!

Swe only:

ikväll är det mkt som händer! förutom att CordCtrl släpper sina inovativa uppfinningar som ska göra livet lättare, kommer även, Carin Gjörser att släppa sina 8bit inspirerade scarf bl.a Cali*Carin*Adam Tensta scarfen som det snackats mkt om på senaste. nu har vi även fått tag på Adams nya Skiva som släpps imorgon. skivan har fått mkt bra recentioner och kommer slå hårt.

Nu vet ni var ni ska spendera eran torsdags kväll.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Night music from Stockholm

From MTV Beat, this is Lorentz & M.Sakarias - Stockholm Serenad.

And the Video here:

SUPER - Handmade in Italy

This summers most hyped and nicest brand SUPER is back with a new collection! This time they flipped the classic Retro frame into new color combos. Still Handmade in Italy. Zeiss Optic. Style by SUPER. Also the first general release of the new "Eazy" Frame(the first release was in collabo of our Cali Purple Pack earlier this year)!! Now this straight frame, with a very similar look as to the one that Eazy E rocked back in the days, comes now in basic color ways for your pleasure. SUPER!!!