Friday, August 31, 2007


This Atmos baseball jacket was lost/stolen during the party at Trädgårn hosted by us last thursday.. Please help us find it again! It's probably the only one in Sweden, so if you know anything or happens to see it, please come in to the store and tell us.
Or send an email to

Help will be generously revarded.

Nike SB September.

Five new shoes from Nike Skateboarding just landed in the store at Brunnsgatan. A lovley green Dunk Hi, a clean white/black Air Classic, a Paul Rodriguez 2 in autum colors, a sexy Zoom Air Regime and a venomous Dunk Low Premium!

Dunk High Brut, second one out from The Colone Pack!

Air Classic SB Horitaka Tiger. A part of the The Four Guardians Pack by tattoo artist Horitaka.

Is it Montecore?

Zoom Air Regime Barbarella.

Paul Rodriguez 2 Zoom Air 818.

Dunk Low Coral Snake (one of the most venomous snakes in the world).

Instore now! And in our webshop soon..
Adam Tensta!

Adam Tensta is workin on a new video. Cali supports!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Las Vegas: Reloaded.

We just uploaded up some more pictures from Vegas on our blogg at! And for even more Magic Show pictures check
Oakley Frogskins.

Oakley reinstalled the classical Frogskins in their wide line of sunglasses this year. Happy times for all surfer dudes and the rest of us who like the smooth lenses and super light weight of the Frogskins. We got four different frames, including the glow in the dark one by Trevor Andrew!

Transparent frame with purple nuance on the lens.

Glow in the dark!

Classical black.

Transparent brown with brown lences.

Nuff with the Wayfarers already! Get your Frogskins here!

New Era authentics, adidas track jackets, Nike White Label windrunners and more now back in stock....

Crooks & Castle Vegas Only Tee.

Some of the best brands in the business are showing in Las Vegas right now. Both Crooks & Castles and 10Deep have made special t-shirts for the Magic Show only, flipped exclusively to friends and family. Cali Top Team, in Vegas as we speak, received both!

Here they are!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Nike SB Zoom Air Harbor.

The Harbor is a new model from Nike SB. It saw daylight for the first time this spring and since then they've released four styles. In my own humble opinion it's great that there finally is a newly developed shoe that's clean and without a zillion colors.. The Harbor is basically a deck shoe amped up with some extra support and a Zoom Air sole. As you know deck shoes are great for skating. That's what they rode in back in the days, before they made those wide things with fatty tongues. It's possible to walk in them aswell. And even sail, if that's your game.

The other day we got the new color. A classy burgundy and white this time!

Vulked gum sole!

White laces included.

Zoom Air cushioning.

Ohoy skipper! Here's the other three colors:

Check them out here!
Free mixtape from Vandalyzm.

Out of St Louis comes Vandalyzm, a up and comming emcee/producer/writer. He sent us his latest 7 track minitape. His album Megatron Majorz will be out 16th of October and feature guest like Little Brother, Chaundon and Finale. The whole thing is produced by 9th Wonder and Khrysis!

Download the 7 track mixtape here!

First night (and day) in Vegas!

Cali Top Team is in Las Vegas this week, for the annual Magic Tradeshow. Making some new hook ups and cunning plans for the future.. So if you see two happy dudes talking like The Swedish Chef, buy them a drink!

Vegas, baby!

Never not working.

Good night and good luck. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas..