Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Kids are back
We are oppening a Cheap Monday "Shop in Shop". It´s a way to find all the stuff from the Swedish denim brand with the small prices. If you have a kid or know one, you have to get the new Cheap Monday Kids line.

Supra Spring 2007
Tomorrow we will drop the Supra Spring collection 12.00 in store. Online Thursday...
Wynn Miller Circa 1976
If you missed it in Stockholm go to LA. Friday April 6th 2006 From 8-11 pm at Reserve. Photography from Wynn Miller Circa 1976. The show includes black and white photography shot in East LA. More info here.

Go UK part I
The norhern boys from One True Saxon has collaborated with Heavenly Records on two tees.. Put on your copy of Foxbase Alpha and party like it´s the second summer of love again..Go here

Friday, March 23, 2007

Welcome to check out the Caliroots Spring Looks photoshoot coordinated by stylist Decida! We went for the basic LA styles. Known from East LA all the way up to the Farifax hipsters. Based on Authentic styles and the authentic products that the streewear scene has taken to its hearts. Styles that we started out with from the early days of the Caliroots store. Last night we had a spring party with the club Yoyoyo for the Springlooks 07. Se more pics here.

Awesome dude

Fucking Awesome from skaterJason Dill and and his frend Mike Piscitelli. It´s not a loot of styles but it looks great. Don´t sleep on this..In store, on line soon...

Playstation realese Stockholm 2007 - 03 - 22

We got game...

yesterday we took ourselfs to the release of playstation 3 at nordic light hotel.
I have personally been waiting for the beauty since the release of PS2
I ran around like a little kid.. I was very very happy

Lots of Cali friends was there We played, drank lots of free alcohol played some more, drank some more, well a Magical night...

Nuf Said, get yours I got mine,

when the money starts raining the night is over... need the sleep for a marathon weekend with my PS3

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Cali Spring Party tonight and Photo Book Online
The Caliroots Spring Looks Photo shoot is about to go live!! But first we celebrate this and that we are about to get into spring at the YOYOYO club tonight in Stockholm. Tomorrow Friday we will post the full photo book online. 15.00 CET. For everyone shopping in stockholm we´ll give a 10% instore discount upon showing of the flyer!

check out the detailing on lord of the flies.. check the detailing on all of them.

Mark Gonzales latest drop from adidas now at CALI


hard work pays of, if this aint summer then i dont know what is...