Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Team Skidoo @ Trädgården

Yes, after the soccer game it´s afterparty at Trädgården with Team Skidoo.
In store News

Alife tee´s Kid robot bags n Haze in Graffit mode. what more can you ask for??

Todays news wont make anyone sad. Kid Robot keeps delivering awsome stuff, and alife stays alive with more fresh prints. Theese items are a no sleeper that means that they will be gone if sleep to long. Together with Haze Hoodies, boards, Caps n tee´s its hard to keep a watching eye on your wallet, at least an economic approach to it.

Kid robot hoodie Bags n tees now instore

Haze is so fresh it hurt

Soccer Game on
Dont forget to come cheer for us when we try to put our hands on trädgårdscupen this saturday at Hjorthagens IP it start at 10:00 and goes on until 19:30, afterward there is a party at trädgården so enyoy yourselfs! Beer and BBQ at hjorthagen we dont want you enyoying yourself on a empty stomach.

Trädgårds Cupen
"A Soccer Turnament has been on the table for a long time but nothing really happened, but now its on god damit! "


The Six Feet Down and Cali Crew has been invited to play at Trädgårdscupen. There will be live music, BBQ beer and other refreshments, we will play from 10:00-19:30 (the final is at 19:30 in wich we will play and win). afterwards there is a huge party at Trådgården for all the teams and their supporters so come and cheer for us at hjorthagen and later on at trädgården. We will celebrate the victory in Style, as always.

You dont have to be a crazy soccer fan to come and cheer, we just want you to come and enyoy yourselfs!
it´s gonna be awsome dudes and dudettes

Monday, July 30, 2007

not the best summer in sweden, but you can make it a little more colourful with new tee´s
New prints from mighty healty, Triumvir, King Stampede, and Red Clay





Can you see who theese face belong too?
Extra extra read all about it.




Friday, July 27, 2007

" The sale is also INSTORE this time" =svenska: Japp, välfylld rea i butiken oxå, Brunnsgatan 9.
Yupp you heard!!! Mad sale at Caliroots!!!

You can find Crooks Mhi Krew Modern Amusement 10Deep Cali denims, Vans The Hundreds And many many more of our assortment of awsome brands,
All I can say is that we have had alot to do these days, so drop by for the best sale in town!!!


Thursday, July 26, 2007

one of my favorite brands just landed at caliroots!
our Alife sneaks just got company

Finally the tee´s are here
10 new tee´s and the weather is great what more can you ask for???

YOGA MOVES impossible is nothing in your Alife´s

Monday, July 23, 2007

Trouble in STHLM X 2MA
Go to Floras Kulle this Wensday if the weather are "David good" and not piss. The DJ´s are, Martin Johansson - the man behind upcoming Swedish brand 1MA and caroon artist Martin Kellerman. The two Martins have also design t-shirts for the upcoming Caliroots 3 years anaversery line realesed 17/8-2007. Don´t miss Martin Kellermans summer talk to the nation tomorrow 24/7 at Swedish P1...

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Street Stylish
Put up you and your frends on the new street style part at highsnobiety. This is one of the picture you can find there just now. It´s from Swedens West Coast, Stömstad. The Cali denim are looking good..

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Read all about it
Take a look in todays Dagens Nyheter article from Axel Björklund about Bijules. Here..

Picture from DN

Friday, July 20, 2007

Adidas Skateboarding
From the Skateboarding line "ST" 3 new styles. Great Classic modells that has been updated in quality and comfort, great even if you´re a skater or not...
A new Superstar toghter with Mark Gonzales..

The Adidas Busenitz. Made for Adidas pro-skater Dennis Busentiz from San Fransisco. A classic Gazelle look with a new skate twist.

The Stan Smith in Black n Yellow..