Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fall Times = Windbreaker Time!!

The windy period is upon us once again.. We stocked up on Nike´s programm of windbreakers. The range covers both him and her cuts aswell as many difrent modells. Their most classic one is ofcourse the "Windrunner" with the V-shaped front.
no matter what price point or style you´re going for theres a lot of tech features in material and detailing. These jackets can be rocked to almost any style, be it indie, club or casual. Check all our NIKE Windbreakers out at the Webstore!!

the Nike Nylon Short Jacket is clean, light weight, still with a very nice looking Tech Style! 3 colors, black, royal and graphite. Octagon ripstop and waterproof zippers! 699 sek/75E

This grid pattern Nike AD Pattern 1 jacket, is casual looks combined with sportswear.. Splitable too.. 999sek/109 E

The super light weight and more functional Nike Windrunner Medal Stand Jacket takes the best from the TECH PACK line.. that means laser cut stichless design.. and higher level of material use. still nice price.. 999sek/109E

If you missed them around the release of 080808...we got a few more of the Nike Colab Jacket by Ben Drury ..

Nike AD Ratched Windrunner 2 is another banger from the AD (Athletic Deptartment) HQ thi season. Nice play on the asia rain camo pattern. Splitable. Mesh lined. Classic v-shape. 999sek/109E 3 colors to choose from..

Last but not least is this all-season Nike Silk Windrunner that we kept as a Cali exlusive for this season. Its the lux edition of the classic Windrunner with a fabric that has a true silk blend! All black and with an exceptioanl nice finish and feel. Even the inside has tailored detailing.
999sek/109E for this baby that is soo smooth you can rock it as a hoodie..

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Cali Crew in LA

Easy P and Bjarni is continuing their Cali adventures in La-la land..
Check out the later days of sins on the Cali Travel blog.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Stockholm re-cap

Not only are our Cali bois doing stuff in US this week.. we also got some game here in stockholm..

So we give you our week in pics.. but first some store displays to show you we work too...

.WoodWood chinos and denims is the it thing this week...

Levis LVC got the replicas going.. authentic flanells, Jackets and ofcourse the 501 in editions dating all the way back to 1896!

OBEY is holding down the graphics in tre propaganda style

TheHundreds has the fall styles on lockWhats this?! Crooks Fall?!? Yes yes.. we got it instore today... Hoods and tees only this time.. bangers...Online next week...wut wut!Fritz has stacked up on more Skate Deals in the Cali Skate Dept.. 300 sekinger med grippa.....Shoes for skate and non skate.. Vans lots of fall styles... NikeSB un futuras some nice price deals.. And the Etnies Sal23 is back!!

Alife X Super shades.. ltd edt release.. instore only.. 1299 sek.. call +46 8 56849908 for info..

Visited our server providers yesterday.. MrMoonie is feeling the heat in the server hall... feels safe.. atleast its close to the coffe..
Went to Dipset concert Wednesday.. Juelz and crew kept it Harlem on our asses.. kicking front row public in the face.. throwing bottles..
Well, it was atleast an excuse to get out and about with the collegues.. this is what we call "firmafest".. this is the Cali crew holding down the web orders.
Mel, our sneaker clerk at SFD store, is keeping it Gold mode.

Mss Ponten, queen of club promoting, is reppin the colors of Crooks..
Mr Multi talent is everything from artist, designer and CTRL modell..
Lorrelansa and Saga is the next generation take over..

the oldskoolers is still holding it down though..

Wut wut, 4 difrent Media people in the same pic.. blondie, cameragirl, nerd and paperboi

guess who is repping SFD and ADIDAS ..

Farnaz friends was holding down the fierce lady squad, fiercier then Bijules?!

"skäggrock" goes "skäggrap"?

time to pull up the HAPPY SOCKS and get back to work..

eeeh.. ok, forgot this.. here´s some random pics from the Kingsize Magazine release party at Berns yesternight:

Brandt, the Chief Editor with Nowegian fanclub.

Kingsize Baller numero uno just got his Usugrow tat.

Alex pulled her mustache move. inget konstigt.
Sam B-Line stockholm happiest DJ.Decida and partyboi
here we go again, ner på stan och klubba säl..

storebror just got his knitted gold chain. M Sakarias baaaulin!
and then the terrace got shaken and sturbed..

only friday , and Im washed up.. this is the Fairtilizer that keeps me going ..

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday night with Cali!

Its thursday again, and this is what we got lined up for your partying pleasure:

Ikväll är det extra pådrag med Taro och Myggan vid rodret på 1an och 2an. Eftersom KingSize Magazine firar release fekke för nya numret på plats så är det en extra dos med Red Stripes som skall sänkas .
Kvällen till ära så håller vi till på övre terassen!!

Kom tidigt så kommer du in smidigt och får både ett mag och en bira..

Och tar du på dig denna tee (se nedan) från klubben DB så kommer du in gratis till sena nattens fest på sifferklubben (2:35.1) i Berns Källare.. då är det skivreleasefest för SEBA!!

även här är det lite festligare och bjudigare om du kommer tidigt..

se upp för pics på fredag...

kanske inte likna galna som de från Vegas.. där Easy-P och Bjarni har lekt modeinköpare in the city of sin and craziness.. verkar som pöjkarna har mjölkat klart Vegas och nu dragit till LA för lite häng.. stay tuned..