Friday, September 28, 2007

Stockholm, Weekend update!

This weekend is no stayin home playin video games weekend, This is what you gots to dooooo

Its time to dig your killer sneaks out of the closet, mune up and head down to Cali for a first of a kind experience.

This saturday (29/9) it's time for Stockholms first 'Sneaker Swap n Sale Meet'!Book a table and sell/trade/swap your old sneakers, or just come by and check out the sneakers that've been hiding in some of the biggest sneakercollectors closets. Adidas/Nike/Reebok will send some samples from their coming collections aswell. Drinks and grill is on us the whole day

Time: 29/9 12.00-17.00Place: ”Cali Alley”, Brunnsgatan 9, StockholmDJS: RMH and B-LineFree entrance, no age limit
Afterparty:Hotel Anglais19.00-22.00Hot Drinks & DJ Anthony Mills

After that head down to Debaser medis for the Buck n Grind party at debaser medis. French Dance Crew KIRIKOO and PAINOCHOKOLAT CREW.
Starts 19.00-23:00