Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Cali Staff Pack

Today we got some BIG Sneaker News from the Cali Camp!!
Together with our Boston & Stockholm Friends at Reebok we did the "Cali Staff Pack" Release this Saturday, 12.00 Instore, 13.00 Online. Only 300 pairs in each color.

First off; "The Bjarni" design by our Cali Male Modell ( and Caliroots Distro Sales rep for our brands Crooks, 10Deep and TheHundreds). Also known as the "Cali Skägget" here locally in stockholm, due to his flaring of a certain barbarossa on most pics..The Sneaker has of course some red accents.. The only question now is does the curtain match the drapes?

The second one is the "Cali Per", Per is, if you havent met him, one of the founders of Caliroots and a caracter known to many in the business for his social skills during tradeshows, both day and night time. He describes his design as;"I kept it clean and fresh as my game always is.. but that late night snack on the way home from the last club stop always ends up with mustard on my shirts, something wifey always laughs at the day after"
3rd one out: The Cali Big Boss Andreas designed. True to the LA cultural heritage, in fine Raider style combo. This is extra special as Reebok in Europe dont make any Raiders products.. If you know Andreas he still gets what he wants..Last but not least is the "Nanne" modell in the Staff Pack. Shes not only working as the office boss in the Caliroots HQ, shes also the missous of Andreas.. so that makes her the SUPER BOSS off Caliroots! Fine and lovely in shiny silver and some pink and purple accent they came out as beauty and nice as the Superboss herself!

You can already now prebook your size by emailing fillmeishter@gmail.com !