Monday, December 15, 2008

Lucia Massive

First the Swedish Skateboard Awards at Kollingsborg. Some winners, old friends and haters. Winners this year Street Lab/team, Mika Edin/Best skater and Robin Nilssen/photos.

After the Awards we got the party at Hotel Reisen together with The Goonies Crew. Thanks to Myggan, Taro, A Lowe Thing, Lorenzo, M.Sakarias, Bergman, Red Stripe, Fernando and all friends...FRÄS::))

Street Lab one of the winners.
Bjarny Boy and Sebbe
Ante and Jugga, Dimond Syply and Nike SB
Mika (Best skater 2008, Adidas Skateboarding and Staffan Hilldebrand (filmen G and soon a Swedish skateboard movie)

The Goonies x Red Stripes = Party on
Lucia mode
Back stage
Fuck of loosers
After the show its the hotel loby
Julbocken was in the house
No smiling on Lucia
The Hundreds are huge smiles.
The Goonie DJ´s saved the night...


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