Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Years Swagger by Jeans-Björn!

click on pics, for FULL view!

stepped by the store the other day to select an outfit for NewYears Eve.
See more and listen to the interview on swedens nationäl rädio "P3 Populär" here.

His pics:
Double Down Goose leather jacket to keep you warm for that midnight showdown.
Cali Denims. Triple Black.
SUPER Muska Skytops in silver premium for the shyyyiene!
Crooks Script Tee.
Complete Technique X Swagger boombox pendant.
SUPER "Flat Top" Shades
Frank151 X LosAngeles "looters" NewEra Cap

thanks for stoping by for the Stockholm Choice of Swag!

/Eykey. 30.12.2008

P.S JeansBjörn is one half of the fully amazing party DJ duo "JeansBjörn & Yxa" that keept us on our partying feet for numerous occations. Daytime he and his loved one are selectas at the P3 broadcasting station.