Saturday, February 28, 2009

Financial Times: We´re Swedish!

This is how the local value, the Swedish Krona looks like:

Since we never hooked up with the rest of the Europeans and went with the Euro Currency back in the 90s.. our swedish krona in these hard financial times has gotten a bit of a rough ride... Only last week our currency fell like 15% towards other currency...

So if you´re European or American, or even Asian for that matter, we suggest you take a closer look on our prices, as we only charge in Swedish Krona when you buy in our webbshop!!

Todays currency converter looks like this:
If you buy a pair of sneakers thats like 1000 sek , that equals:
-85 Euro ca.. or 110 USD.. Thats like a huuuge discount!!

So take advantage and buy for cheap while our Swedish Krona plungers into recession.
(disclaimer; we´re still doing pretty good as a store on top of things.. so dont worry..)
And if your´re swedish; you´re propably not even noticing this thing, as prices in sek are still the same!!

Swe: Japp allt är som förut, samma priser, bara det att sköna kunder utomlands kan med sina valutor shoppa lite billigare än tidigare!
Dagens matte lektion är härmed avklarad.

ENG: Today´s math lesson is now over, pleace proceed your happy shopping spree at!!