Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Sneaker Swap Meet 2009 After Party at Obaren

The after party for the Sneaker Swap at Obaren. We got together with RMH, Rodde Infinite Mass, Adam Tensta and Eboy for a showcase of the "Area Turns Red 2009" release.

Good times!!!

"Shoot The Racist" or "Area Turns Red", first time releaste 19 years ago and still one of the icons in swedish rap music. It still got a importent message about recism. The remake of video and song are made to give the campaign "Alla olika alla lika" help to work against prejudice and discrimination.

Later this week we will have the art from the upcoming video for sale. The money will go to the anti racism campain.

This is "Area Turns Red" from the Infinite Mass debut album "The Infinite Patio" from 1995.